Services Available at Health Naturally!

Nutritional Counseling is teaching the client how to balance their pH, eat healthier and establish proper digestion. A first visit will include: pH test, and kinesiology. $50.00. Follow-up appointments are $25.00.

Raindrop Technique is a method of dripping the essential oils along the spine and spinal nerve endings to improve curvature of the spine, degenerative diseases, back injuries, and boost immunity. $60.00

Emotional Release – This technique allows you to relieve your body of all the trauma stored in the head and allows you to move forward in life. $50.00

Reflexology – Treats our feet (or hands) to a session of stress reduction and increased body circulation by using the energy pathways located in your feet (or hands). $40.00

Sound & Color & Oil Therapy – a great way to balance the Chakras of the body.

Magnetic Therapy – A very simple way to work on circulation and pain management. $40.00

Reiki – A gentle touch used by the Japanese to instill relaxation and healing. $35.00

SOQI Bed & Chi

SOQI Bed & Chi

SOQI Bed & Chi – Try this multiple energy approach for your preventative health improvement. 15 minutes is equivalent to 10,000 steps. $10.00 for 30 minutes.

E-Power Evaluation – Using negative potential energy to improve your health by boosting your immune system while sitting in a chair comfortably. Part of this session will include a facial want treatment with anti-aging benefits. $40.00

Advanced ERE (electro reflex energizer) – This apparatus stimulates reflexes in the feet to improve total body health. $25.00 for 30 minutes.

Body Vibe – Standing on this machine for 10 minutes is equivalent to a 4 mile jog. It works to increase bone density and muscle mass, reduce cellulite & improves balance. $5.00 for two 5-minute sessions – if you are a regular customer, it is free!


Chair Massage

Chair Massage

Massage – Swedish (relaxing), deep tissue, lymphatic, myofacial, sports and hot stone. Choose your favorite! $50.00 (hot stone – $60.00).

Meridian Work is very relaxing and includes body balancing. $40.00

Cranial/Sacral Body Work – This session will focus on the spine. The client is fully clothed and this work can relieve back pain and severe headaches. $50.00

Homeopathic & Cell Salts – these two types of remedies can be given to strengthen the body and its immunity naturally.

Ear Candling – painless ear wax removal.

Non-Invasive Assessments

Iridology – a method of studying the iris fibers of the eye to determine tissue weakness and the body’s disposition to weakness.

Kinesiology/Muscle Response Testing – a method of holding specific pressure points on the body and using a muscle to test for nutritional weakness.

Bach Florals – Dr. Bach believed that flowers are for healing of the body emotionally. These colorless and tasteless remedies can be added to a beverage to assist in balancing our emotions.