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Power Meal

The Future of Wellness Is Here:
Supercharge Your Routine With Power Meal

What if we told you we created a superfood shake that makes nourishing your body an absolute pleasure? Well, dreams really do come true and this creamy delicious blend of premium superfoods will get you stoked to fuel your day. Meet Power Meal.


Power Meal completely redefines what a healthy shake can be. While most wellness shakes skimp on flavor, Power Meal will make you wonder how something can taste so good while being so good for you at the same time.


Power Meal is a creamy dream team of superfoods made to nourish every cell and optimize your health.

  • Premium plant proteins and fiber:   curb hunger and power muscles
  • Organic Mushroom blend:  immune-boosting superheroes
  • Fiber-filled fruits and greens: flood of antioxidants
  • Gut soothing herbs – supports digestion, mood and overall balance

Whether you blend it up as a filling breakfast, snack, or healthy dessert, Power Meal makes nourishing your body easy and delicious. No more chalky protein shakes or sad, soupy smoothies. Power Meal is here to elevate your wellness routine and supercharge your day.


We expertly crafted the most satisfying superfood shake you’ll find anywhere, featuring: premium plant protein, gut-friendly fiber, fruits & veggies, PLUS adaptogenic roots and a mushroom blend for immunity. Enjoy every delicious drop, packed with nutrition for daily performance & power.

  • Supports lean muscle, endurance, immunity, gut health, focus and stress response
  • Delivers 25g protein with balanced, whole food macros and prebiotic fiber



Power Meal combines top-quality ingredients into one convenient blend:

  • The non-GMO plant and superfood protein powers your metabolism and promotes satiety.
  • Calories fuel you without ever coming from added sugars or processed, simple carbs.
  • Beneficial carbs, like dietary fiber from whole foods, roots, herbs and mushrooms, add to Power Meal’s smart macro balance.
  • The nourishing herbal root blend supports energy, digestion, circulation, mood and focus.
  • A powerhouse of micronutrients, naturally found in premium fruits and veggies (including 5 types of berries) amplifies the nutrient/benefit profile
  • Five powerful, proven organic mushrooms activate both innate and adaptive immunity.
  • Eight sources of plant-based fiber support satiety and gut health, for that healthy satisfaction.
  • Ten essential vitamins, and Ten effective minerals help you meet the needs of your daily diet.
  • Pineapple bromelain works synergistically with all the gut-healthy fiber to aid digestion and comfort the stomach.

All of this goodness is swirled together in a heavenly chocolate or vanilla flavor, enhanced with cinnamon and stevia.


Better Nutrition:

  • Premium plant protein with balanced carbs and fat so you feel more daily power
  • Helpful calories come from whole foods, roots, herbs and mushrooms
  • Formulated by herbalists, scientists, and health practitioners

Better Performance:

  • Strength & endurance support from premium plant protein
  • Mood, digestion, and immunity support from roots, mushrooms, and plant superfoods
  • Gut health & satiety from upcycled fiber and comforting enzymes

Better Taste:

  • Smooth, creamy, mouth-watering vanilla or chocolate options
  • No sugar added, no artificial sweeteners, tasty to the last drop


Mix 2 rounded scoops (57g) in 12-16 oz of water based on taste preference. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place.

Power Meal – Chocolate
(900 grams)
Power Meal – Vanilla
(855 grams)
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Protein – The What, Why, and How Much of this Vital Food Category

by Nature’s Sunshine

High-protein diets are having a moment on social media and gaining a lot of traction among wellness influencers. The topic #highprotein gets 40 million views a week on TikTok!

What used to be a diet for bulking up is now a common practice for losing weight and blood sugar regulation. With any trend, it’s important to look at the science, so let’s break it down and see if a high-protein diet is worth the hype.


Protein is composed of amino acids, the building blocks of muscles, hair, fingernails, enzymes, hormones, antibodies, and more. These essential nutrients fuel muscle movement, growth, and repair. Our bodies require protein for survival, power, and energy, and its many benefits are abundant.


A high-protein diet:

  • Fuels lean muscle mass, strength and movement
  • Increases metabolism (the rate your body burns fat or other fuel for energy), which supports weight management and fitness goals
  • Supports energy and endurance
  • Nourishes the body
  • Helps quell hunger
  • Provides satiety (fullness) for hours so you consume fewer calories
  • Helps cells communicate with each other

Along with fiber and fat, protein helps slow the absorption of carbs and sugars as it breaks down more slowly than carbohydrates do. This effect lasts for a few hours and can help promote better blood sugar balance. 


The high-protein camp recommends eating your body weight in grams of protein. So a 120-pound person would eat 120 grams of protein each day. But is that too much?

Expert opinions vary widely on how much protein is good for health. You can find recommendations anywhere from .36–1 gram of protein per pound of body weight per day. A good landing spot is likely somewhere in the middle. The CDC recommends that women get at least 46 g protein daily. Note that pregnant and nursing women need more than that for the proper nourishment of their babies. Men and teen boys should aim for 56 g per day.

That said, it’s not necessarily easy to eat too much protein. But if you feel tired, nauseated, suffer indigestion and other digestive discomfort, examine your protein intake and cut back a bit. And make sure you’re getting adequate fiber too!


For best results, divide your protein intake into 3 or more servings throughout the day. And remember the 30/30 rule: Strive to get up to 30 g protein within 30 minutes of waking up to start powering your day! Eating protein when you first wake up jump-starts your metabolism and puts your body into regular-protein-intake mode.


  • All types of lean meat
  • Eggs
  • Dairy products
  • Legumes (peanuts, peas, beans)
  • Nuts & seeds
  • Spirulina and other algae

No matter which kind of protein you choose, prioritize protein and you’ll help nourish and energize your body.


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