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Happy Holidays


Introducing Our Exclusive Holiday Collection!

This holiday season, elevate your gift-giving experience with our exquisite
range of products designed to spread joy and make lasting memories.

Essential Oil Diffuser Necklaces

Essential Oil Diffuser Necklaces

High Quality: Made of 316L premium stainless steel material. The surface is smooth and bright. It won’t rust and fade, easy to clean. You can use them for a very long time. Note: No essential oil is included in the package.

Multi-Function: It is not only a kind of essential oil jewelry but also an aromatherapy diffuser that helps to improve health by using your own essential oil. For some people, certain essential oils can calm them, relieve pain, relieve their stress, and so on.

Distinguish your essential oil through different color refill pads.
e.g. If you use Lavender Essential Oil, you can a purple refill pad.

The Republic Teas Holiday Stackable Tea Tin

TEAs the Season!
Our Holiday Stackable Tea Tins are the perfect way to experience three of our favorite seasonal holiday tea flavors:

  • Cinnamon Vanilla Herb Tea
  • Comfort and Joy Black Tea
  • Peppermint Bark Tea Herb Tea

This limited edition tin features three separate compartments, each containing 12 round natural, unbleached tea bags.

Essential OIl Rollers

Large Rollers

Belly Blend Roller –  $12.00
Black & Blue Roller –  $11.00
Breathe Easy Roller –  $11.00
Focus Blend Roller –  $10.00
Immune Booster Roller –  $9.00
Muscle Blend Roller –  $10.00
Open Airways Roller –  $11.00
Skin Soothe Roller –  $10.00
Seasonal Blend Roller –  $8.00
Sleepy Time Blend Roller –  $11.00

Shop at Our Store and Make Every Gift Unforgettable!

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ebb and flow 3

If you want to change something in your life, have the courage to change it!
It is not possible to change something and stay in your comfort zone.
Yes, it is scary, and yes it is not sure in the end, but you should do it for your future.
Don’t be scared to change your life now, if it will give great results in the future.

Life’s Ebb and Flow

by Barb Casper
In a quaint coastal village nestled between towering cliffs and the shimmering sea, there lived an old fisherman named Sam. Sam learned the art of the sea from his father, who had learned it from his father before him. It was a life filled with hard work and uncertainty, as the sea was both a provider and a taker.

Sam’s days were ruled by the tides, as predictable as the sun’s rise and fall. With the dawn of each new day, he’d rise from his creaky bed, don his weather-worn boots, and set out towards the waves. As the first light of morning broke over the horizon, he’d find himself in a small wooden boat, heading toward the open waters.

Each day, Sam and his fellow villagers would cast their nets, their hopes and dreams entangled in the fibers. Some days, the sea would bestow its bounty, filling their boats with silver-scaled treasures. On other days, the ocean would be a cruel mistress, leaving them with empty nets and heavy hearts. READ MORE ==>


Nature Sunshine Specials

Young Living Specials

Nature Sunshine


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