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The Hale Hemp Difference

Looking for a true solution to transform your health-and get back your life? Your search ends now-with HALE.

The compound in marijuana that causes a person to feel “high” HEMP OIL EXTRACT is non-psychoactive and possesses numerous beneficial properties, ranging from neuroprotective and mood-modifying effects to cell-protective capabilities.

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Products of the Month – June

June 2019 product of the monthSince nice weather is finally upon us, many people are spending more time out-of-doors. That’s why our products are bug repellent and sunscreens. Most products for out-of-doors contain chemicals that can harm your health. Here are a few good ones:

BUGS AWAY is a natural bug repellent in a pump-style bottle. it is made by Great Lakes Emu Products and costs $7.00 a bottle.

BITE ME NOT! is a large stick and you simply rub the product onto the skin. This product is from The Essential Olive in California and costs $5.00 a tube. Again, nothing harmful is in our products.

SUNBLOCK LOTION from Emusing Secrets has an option of SPF of 30 or 50. I personally used this to go zip-lining in the rain forest in Aruba and had  no problems. Yes, it is that good! SPF 30 costs $8.50 and SPF 50 costs $10.00


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As a Nature Sunshine Independent distributor of Nature Sunshine Products, we offer the highest quality herbal supplements, vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements.To Become a Member: Click this link or the Nature’s Sunshine logo above to visit the site.

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Health Naturally is an independent distributor for Young Living. We are dedicated to educating the public about the versatile uses and profound effects essential oils have on the mind and body. Click this link or the Young Living logo to visit the site.

  1. Once on the Young Living site, go here to become a member. Select Member or Retail Customer depending upon which plan you prefer. The “Member” plan requires the purchase of a starter kit with your first order and provides a 24% discount on all products ordered. Members can participate in the essential rewards plan and earn member discounts. 
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