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Jan Doerr, (ND)
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SOQI Bed/Chi/ERE/Body Vibe/Brain Tap
We encourage you to call or reserve a time slot online. If a time slot hasn't been reserved, please understand that these services will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis

Other Services

Joleen Pajcic: 989-412-3621
Laura Johnson (Medical Massage): 989-529-0403
Diane Cain: 989-313-2971
Please call our licensed massage therapists directly for an appointment


Please call Health Naturally! to schedule an appointment with Mary Anne Malek, Certified Bowenwork Practitioner

Energetic Healing Arts

Please call Health Naturally! to schedule an appointment with Beverly Cook, MSN, RN/Medicine Woman

Midwife & Resonance Repatterning

Please call Health Naturally! to schedule an appointment with Beth Barbeau

2019 Classes

The Hale Hemp Difference

We now carry Hale Hemp Oil Extract products

Get your life back

Looking for a true solution to transform your health-and get back your life? Your search ends now-with HALE.

The compound in marijuana that causes a person to feel “high” HEMP OIL EXTRACT is non-psychoactive and possesses numerous beneficial properties, ranging from neuroprotective and mood-modifying effects to cell-protective capabilities.

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In-Store Products of the Month

This month we are featuring all of our Bach Florals to balance everyone’s emotions naturally. Check out our website for information on selecting Bach Florals. For the month of March our entire line of Bach Florals will be 10% off. Remind the store clerk at checkout to get the deduction. Spring is coming! More info >


We are also offering Nature’s Sunshine Flower Essence Remedies at 10% off for the month of March.

Flower essence remedies are liquid infusions made from flowers in the tradition of Dr. Edward Bach, who pioneered flower remedies in the 1930s. Flower essences help support emotional balance and well-being. Our line of both English and North American flower essences features flowers grown in certified organic gardens and pristine, wild habitats. Each formula utilizes seven flowers specially selected to bring balance. More info >

Spring Getaway for the Day

Spring Getaway DayOnce again, the very popular Getaway for the Day is planned at the Bay City Health, Naturally! For $150.00 you get to be pampered, fed and have fun. Your day will include: continental breakfast, lunch and a dessert party, a massage by a licensed massage therapist, foot detoxification, a facial cleanse, custom oil essential perfume, a SOQI bed visit, Body Vibe, and Brain Fit. Also, you will be given a discount of 10% on any shopping in our store that day!!!

Our available Saturday dates are: March 23rd, April 6th and April 20th.

Call the store at 989-684-9701
to make your reservation. Come, Getaway for the Day!!!


Nature Sunshine Specials

Young Living Specials

Nature Sunshine

As a Nature Sunshine Independent distributor of Nature Sunshine Products, we offer the highest quality herbal supplements, vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements.To Become a Member: Click this link or the Nature’s Sunshine logo above to visit the site.

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  4. Complete the Checkout process.

Health Naturally is an independent distributor for Young Living. We are dedicated to educating the public about the versatile uses and profound effects essential oils have on the mind and body. Click this link or the Young Living logo to visit the site.

  1. Once on the Young Living site, go here to become a member. Select Member or Retail Customer depending upon which plan you prefer. The “Member” plan requires the purchase of a starter kit with your first order and provides a 24% discount on all products ordered. Members can participate in the essential rewards plan and earn member discounts. 
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  3. The Retail Customer plan provides full retail pricing to customer. To sign up and purchase as a Retail Customer, shop the product catalog and check out via the shopping cart.