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Tina Pickvet, NDTina Pickvet, ND
Tina Pickvet, ND trained at the Naturopathic Institute of Therapies and Education in Mt. Pleasant MI, graduated in 2013 as a Certified Naturopath, and Board-Certified Naturopathic Doctor. Additional Education: Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, Reiki Master, and Certified Juice Therapist.

Holistic Health for You and Me was founded by Tina in 2009 as a traveling wellness-based business and made home visits to clients on a daily basis. In 2013, she joined Health, Naturally! with Jan Doerr, ND., and traded her office on wheels to renting an office at Health, Naturally! to this day.

As of June 2022, Tina Pickvet, ND has become the new owner of Health, Naturally! to continue helping clients, family and friends on their wellness journey. She believes in preventative health, by keeping the body balanced and free of toxins and stress that can cause health challenges, we can live a happy and healthy life! Stop by and check out the New Store and specialty products, the Ultimate Total Health Spa, from HTE USA, Optimum Footbath, as therapies and meet our new staff.

Holistic Health For You and Me

Holly Shillair, Natural Health Educator and Energy Worker
Holly is passionate about helping others on their healing journey. From a young age she was able to connect with other people’s emotions. Through life experiences, her gifts have awakened and have allowed her to support others through their emotional, spiritual, and physical healing.

Holly is a Certified Energy Healer through Sage Soul Healing. She is a Reiki Practitioner, and a Certified Natural Health Educator through the Naturopathic Institute of Therapies and Education. Holly holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management/Marketing from Northwood University.

Energy Healing sessions with Holly are offered in-person or remotely. Each session focuses on core issues that are affecting you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Holly will look at ancestral connections, traumas, inner child healing, balancing the chakra system, and other modalities to provide a comprehensive healing session customized to your needs. All sessions are provided in a safe, supported space that allows for healing of the body, mind, and soul.

Deb BruskeDeb Bruske, Natural Health Therapist

Deb is a natural health educator/natural health therapist. She is a third-year student at the naturopathic Institute training as a natural health practitioner.
Deb’s been a client of Health, Naturally since 2003.Her passion is spending time with her husband and her family. She loves taking kayak trips with the whole family, grandkids included.
Her other passion is whole health. She is available to take clients Saturday mornings.


Mary Anne Malek, Bowen Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner

Mary Anne MalekHi, I’m Mary Anne Malek. In 2012 I completed my initial training and became a Certified Bowenwork practitioner. Since then I continue to update my skills. I am also a Level 3 Reiki practitioner an advanced master gardener.

Bowenwork is hands-on healthcare. It consists of sequences of rolling movements of the practitioner’s thumbs or fingers over precisely located sites on the body. These movements serve to signal the body to remember how to heal a variety of health issues.

Bowenwork provides gentle and profoundly effective signals to the brain for healing and recovery through the stimulation of special receptors in the tendons, muscles, and ligaments of the body. These stimuli can result in deep relaxation, resetting of muscular tension and range of motion, lymph drainage, pain and inflammation reduction, and pain relief.

Bowenwork helps the body remember how to heal. The specific objectives may vary, but there is always focus on relaxation, reduction of the “fight or flight response”, and engagement of the body’s perfect pattern memory for the area that is in pain, contracted or otherwise out of balance.

Bowenwork positively affects mostly all health ailments. It is very gentle and is suitable for all ages and physical conditions. Most conditions should resolve or lessen in 3-4 sessions. Chronic conditions may require additional sessions.

Please contact me to start on your pathway to wellness.

Mary Anne Malek
989-754-6630 (h)
989-964-8003 (c)

Evie Noel, Certified Lifestyle Consultant

Evie started going to Biochemist/Lifestyle consultant Donald Gene Krause where she learned about the four basic instructions of a healthy lifestyle. Through the LBDirect lifestyle program, she discovered that she must take time for herself or her body would eventually break down.

She discovered so much about how her body works that Evie was compelled to tell her friends and family about herbal aids. They, too, started seeing results. Finding great joy in seeing people gain knowledge of their bodies and healthy living, she decided to become a student of Bio-chemist Don Kraus, where she was taught the basics of the LBDirect lifestyle program, how the body works and how healthy lifestyle progress can be measured.


I, Biochemist/Nutritional Consultant, Donald Gene Krause, have certified Evie Marie Noel as a Certified Lifestyle Consultant, having understanding of the LBDirect Training manual material; is skilled testing urine/saliva; is well able to counsel and encourage others into a better Lifestyle. – Donald Gene Krause, Bio-chemist/Nutritional Consultant

Evie is taking appointments for February 10, 2023
Evie will be available on Fridays of the second full week each month from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Call Evie for an appointment at Health, Naturally – 989-312-4518

Rebecca Spannagel, Licensed Massage Therapist

Rebecca Spannagel, LMT, RNRebecca decided halfway through her first year in the certified naturopath program at the Naturopathic Institute to take a different direction into therapeutic bodywork. She graduated from the Naturopathic Institutes Therapeutic Bodywork Practitioner program in November 2019, receiving her Licensure for Massage Therapy in December 2019.

If you ask her “’Are you glad you made that decision?’” You would get a double thumbs-up, a big smile, and a “Most Definitely!!! “Learning how to perform therapeutic touch is something I was gifted with the ability to do and has been life-changing.”

Rebecca is passionate about natural/alternative wholistic wellness and facilitating her clients’ “Why”? She says: “Every being on this earth is special and unique, and deserves a session focused and tailored to that uniqueness. Whether you come to de-stress and relax, or for a specific health concern, that session is tailored specifically for you and your needs.”

Rebecca offers various types of massage sessions that employ multiple therapeutic modalities (with/without essential oils) along with Reflexology, Cranio-Sacral, and Light Healing Touch.

If you would like to set-up a session with Rebecca please call, or text her, at 989-482-3866. She is currently seeing clients at both the Bay City and Standish Health, Naturally locations. Her hours of availability are varied, so her sessions are by appointment only.

Stacey Ayers, Licensed Massage Therapist

Stacey A, Masssage TherapistStacey Ayers agreed to help us out with our Getaways this Spring, and since the clients liked her so much, we kept her here! Stacey is a graduate of Bayshire Massage School in Bay City and has been a Licensed Massage Therapist for over 7 years. She can do various forms of massage and specializes in Trigger Point for muscle release. She is available for massages on Mondays at Health, Naturally!
Stacey stays active with swimming, biking, kayaking, pickleball and reading. She enjoys nature, people and animals.

Shirley PShirley Polaski, Natural Health Educator, Reiki Practitioner

Shirley began her connection with Health Naturally as a customer. Like so many of our customers, she found herself drawn to the world of natural health and wanted to learn more. She firmly believes we should keep learning and expanding our horizons regardless of age, so after retirement, she began her second career when she joined our staff working in the store and started taking courses at the Naturopathic Institute. Currently in the second year of the naturopathic program, she offers services such as reflexology, cranio sacral therapy, rain drop therapy and reiki. Shirley earned her Reiki Practitioner certification under the tutelage of Dr. Jan Doerr and Dr. Tina Pickvet. She gets fired up discussing homeopathy and the opportunities remedies can bring for greater health, but her biggest passion is teaching. Her goal is to create an environment where learning is relaxed, exciting and FUN! and you will find her teaching many of our free community classes or expanded education courses.

If you would like to schedule any of the services she offers or have questions about any of the courses offered, you can reach Shirley at (989)450-4081.

Barb Casper, Natural Health and Wellness Advocate, Online Class/In-Classroom Instruction

Barb C

Currently, Barb is the face behind-the-scenes for all things having to do with our online presence; including our Facebook page and web site. Barb developed our online “Natural Learning” platform and will continually be adding new classes and other products to the site for our clients. The Natural Learning classroom offers instruction in the form of e-books, flipbooks, articles, videos, audio presentations, and more. These can be purchased and viewed on your own time schedule for furthering your knowledge regarding all aspects of natural health and wellness. Some on-site programs will be free, also!

Barb, who formerly worked in the mental health field for fifteen years as a recreation therapist and continues to work as a graphic/web designer, is a nature/outdoor enthusiast. Gardening, biking, taking walks, and observing nature’s beauty are a few of her passions.

“‘Learning to align myself and live in reciprocity with the natural world and all living beings, and regularly practicing giving thanks for all I have rather than focusing on what might be lacking is first and foremost in my life. I am so blessed.”  – Barb Casper

FYI: Barb is offering in-person classes at Health, Naturally for anyone who attends the Together Tuesdays group sessions. She believes much can be learned from the life and health experiences of others and each individual has gifts and knowledge to share.

Janice Valkenburg, Store Clerk

Janice ValkenburgI am very excited and happy to be joining Health, Naturally!  Since I teach during the week, I will be at the store on Saturdays.  I teach 4-6 grade at Saginaw Grace Christian School.

I grew up in a family of 10, so my Dad always planted a huge garden!  It was a cheaper way to feed us.  But it was also a very healthy way to feed us.  I believe it’s wonderful to teach kids the benefits of eating healthy early on, so they don’t develop health issues that can be difficult to combat.  I also teach grades k-3 gym.    I love learning about living a healthy lifestyle, and I know I’m going to love learning from the amazing people at Health, Naturally!
I am excited to meet each of you!

Dee Scherzer, Store ClerkDee S - Staff

I have been a client of Health, Naturally for over 10 years and have been enthusiastic and pleased with natural health care. I am so glad to be joining the team of Health, Naturally!  When Jan approached me if I knew anyone that was interested in helping out at the Bay City Store, of course, I said me!

I learn new information each and every time I work at Jan’s and am in awe at all the wonderful clients that come for assistance at Jan’s place.  I am still learning and I will do my best to help each and every person that comes through the door.

Additional Store Clerks
Shirley Polaski, Reiki Practitioner – see bio above
Tina Pickvet, ND – see bio above

jandIn Memory of Jan Doerr, ND, Health, Naturally! by Jan Doerr, Founder & Owner
Business inception – November 2, 2021

Jan Doerr, ND trained at the Naturopathic Institute and received her Doctorate of Naturopathy from Clayton College of Natural Health. She has been the owner and only employee of this business for the last eleven years (2014).

Jan is committed to improving the quality of life of her clients by enhancing each individual’s natural immune response and bringing the person to a new level of optimal wellness by integrating the healing powers of body, mind, and spirit. Jan uses a combination of therapies that support and promote the body’s natural healing process including the use of botanical and herbal medicine, nutritional education, homeopathy, essential oils, and massage.

Jan completed her doctorate degree in naturopathy at Clayton College of Natural Health. as a Naturopath, Jan has spent thousands of hours in the classroom and in directed studies in the various disciplines of natural health. She continues to attend state-licensed and nationally accredited schools and seminar programs related to the field of Naturopathic Health.

Professional Associations
Associated Bodywork Professionals
American Naturopathic Medical Association

Additional Education
1978 – Bachelor of Science with majors in Psychology and Therapeutic Recreation from Central Michigan University.

1979 – Master’s of Arts in Recreation and Park Administration with an emphasis in Recreation for the Ill and Handicapped from Central Michigan University.

1980-1981 – Postgraduate work from CMU and Concordia University, Canada.

2001 – 2005 – Naturopathic Institute of Therapy and Education in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan – Licensed Natural Health Educator, Naturopathic Therapist.

2004-2005 – Clayton College of Natural Health – Doctorate of Naturopathy