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Fresh Start: A Spring Detox Guide

Your body is begging you to take out the trash! Here’s how to detox.


SmoothiesSo you can’t face a total detox or your lifestyle makes it just impossible? Don’t give up! There are plenty of simple, everyday things you can do to minimize your toxic exposure and even to let go of many of the toxins you have already accumulated.

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Health Benefits of Winter Weather

Here are a few tips to help you stay healthy this winter. Although it may be tempting, it’s important to fight the desire to curl up on the couch and hide away all winter. If you feel tired, cold, or worn down, try getting outdoors for some type of physical activity.

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Keeping Your Body Active and Mobile

WalkingNow perhaps the most important way to protect your body and mind against Aging: working out!
That’s right: body and mind. Your brain’s primary purpose is to move your body and a huge amount of your grey matter’s real estate is dedicated to exactly that job. If you want to keep learning and creating new connections in your brain,

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Why the Best Medicine Might Be Your Right and Left Feet

Put your left foot in front of you right, and then your right foot in front of your left, and then repeat.

That’s called walking. And it could be the best thing for your overall health.The historian Geroge Mcaulay Trevelyan wrote in 1913 that his two doctors were “My left leg and my right.”The truth in that statement is coming to light every day with new studies and reports.

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