The Beauty Within Us, Surrounds Us

Nature Prints

Barb CasperBarb Casper has created several inspirational, canvas prints for sale in our storefront priced from $10-$50. You may remember Barb as one of our former store clerks here at Health, Naturally. According to Barb, offering her prints at Health, Naturally is her way of giving back to the clients we serve. For her, the creative design process allows her to express herself and helps relieve the stress of dealing with her own chronic health issues. Barb embraces the notion that self-expression and creativity open us up to being vulnerable. However, without vulnerability, we can never heal completely!

Barb is a graphic and web designer (she designed our website) and was previously employed in the mental health field for over fifteen years as a recreation therapist. Her most cherished takeaway from her job experience as a recreation therapist is her strong belief in the power of positive thinking and remaining hopeful despite whatever difficulty we may face. She believes these personal attributes have powerful effects on the ability to heal ourselves, others, and the planet on which we live.

Barb’s artwork reflects what and where we have been, what is, and, most importantly, what we are capable of becoming. Barb’s prints allow us to connect with the beauty within us by closely observing our natural world. Her artwork opens the door, allowing us to leave our everyday difficulties behind for a moment and recognize who we truly are.


With my artwork, I hope to ignite a spark within you so you may shine a light towards what, at times, may seem a dark and unforgiving world. With the natural world providing a sense of light, hope, and beauty, I wish for each of you to create your own path to wellness.” 

“Our creative and enduring spirit is our strongest healing attribute and allows us to soar without the need for wings.”

–  Barb Casper, Wings of Air

Come in and view her inspirational pieces and consider them as a great gift or an addition to your own home!

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