Energetic Healing Arts

What is energetic healing?

Energetic or shamanic healing views the person as a whole and sees connections to our luminous nature that contains innate wisdom, the part of ourselves that has never been harmed in any way. This is the part that is pure Spirit.

The luminous energy field that surrounds the physical body holds the template of our health. Disruptions in it may cause disruptions in our health, emotions, thoughts, or our connection to the Earth or Spirit. Energetic healing clears traumatic or difficult events that have imprinted on our luminous fields and can return energies to us that have ben lost through trauma.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking
we used when we created them. – Albert Einstein

What are the benefits of energetic healing?

A greater sense of well-being, health, joy, abundance, love, clarity, peace, creativity, compassion, courage, and harmonious thinking may be experienced after the work.

What can I expect during energetic healing?

The client lies fully clothed on a massage table after removing all metal from their person for the session. The shaman gently holds the client’s head and assesses their energy. Work is generally done off the body in the luminous field. Sometimes clients feel sensations as energy moves; sometimes they feel nothing at all. Sometimes they may feel waves of emotions moving through quickly as heavy energies are removed.

Individual Sessions

Illumination: Traumatic energetic imprints are removed from the client’s luminous field, then the area is re-imprinted with the sun’s healing energy.

Removal of Heavy Energies: Heavy and dense energies with origins in fear, anger or envy may become lodged in one’s luminous field, these are removed and the site is illuminated.

Soul Retrieval: Sometimes clients indicate they feel like something is “missing” and are unable to be present, or have memory gaps that signal soul loss. The shaman journeys to other realms to recover the essential self lost after a traumatic event.

Power Animals: Shaman’s journey on behalf of their clients to other realms to retrieve energetic animal helpers to assist with transition or protection for the client during their healing process.

Assistance with Final Transition: Shamans provide assistance crossing the “rainbow bridge” to Spirit for those in the dying process or for the family of those who have already departed.

Group Work
Meditation Classes
Journey Classes
Despacho Ceremony
Fire Ceremony

Ancient shamanic healing from the Andes provides pathways to vibrant health and well-being.