Dr. Patrick Porter – 3 Easy Steps to Banish Bad Habits

by KathySmith.com and Dr. Patrick Porter

Listen to the podcast below on how to break unhealthy living habits and get “unstuck” by re-training your brain!

Dr. Patrick Porter – Brain Training to Break Unhealthy Habits

Visit Brain Tap Technology by Dr. Patrick Porter to view training sessions to reset your brain.  Health Naturally offers this training at the Bay City location and offers it online. Sign up for a seven day free trial and re-train your brain to live a healthier, more fulfilled life.

Dr. Patrick Porter quote

“Often  we get out of life what we dwell on and focus on over and over again
in our mind versus what we truly want.”

Positive changes in one’s physiology by training our brain plus engaging in more positive thinking =

positive physical, emotional and behavioral change resulting in healthier living.

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