Benefits of Brain Tap Training

If you’re reading this, chances are you already know that meditation is great for quieting the mind and helping you focus on your goals. Did you also know that meditation practices can change your genetic makeup for the better?

Feeling constantly sad and depressed can turn on genes that can make us physically sick and more prone to infections and disease. On the flip side, relaxation and mindful meditation can turn off those genes and activate ones that help us heal and fight infection.
In an Institute of Science in Society report from 2014, they report the findings from several studies examining the effects of meditation on our genetic makeup. They found that meditation and creating the relaxation response in the body can actually change our gene structure for the better.

The first study used gene expression profiles to probe the effects of meditation on a small group of Qigong practitioners against a control group. The Qigong group showed a difference in 250 genes as compared to the control group.

In the second study discussed, gene expression changes triggered by the relaxation response were examined. In this study a total of 2209 genes were deferentially expressed between the study group and the control group. The results suggest that gene expression changes in certain groups indicates a greater capacity to respond to stress and its detrimental effects and it did not matter what type of relaxation response was practiced–only that it was practiced.

The third study investigated changes in genetic expression with a group of 42 practitioners of yoga and 42 controls. Similar to the second study, it was found that practitioners were better genetically equipped to respond to environmental stress.
The studies cited in this article suggest that meditative practice gives rise to genetic changes consistent with improving your response to environmental stress, stronger immunity and improved antioxidant stress–and that the changes can happen rather quickly, sometimes within hours.
The only problem is, meditation is hard and most people give up before reaping these rewards. Fortunately, you have the BrainTap headset available to you, making mindful meditation and relaxation easy and enjoyable. You simply press a button, sit back, close your eyes and relax. You’re not only strengthening your mind and achieving your goals, but you’re also improving your genetic ability to respond to the Super Stress we are plagued with in today’s society.

For more information and to experience the benefits of the BrainTap headset and programs, speak with your practitioner at Health Naturally today.

Yours in Health,
Patrick Porter, PhD

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