Pay More Attention to Nature

by Barb Casper

Everything is currently moving at an unprecedented pace. Work responsibilities, the demands of our personal lives, and the unrealistic expectations we place upon ourselves have resulted in our lives reaching the point of OVERWHELM.

We live in a world of dizzying distractions. We are spending much of our time on our devices where we find ourselves constantly bombarded by advertisements for the latest and the greatest product. We text versus talk at the dinner table. We send virtual hugs and kisses versus hugging the ones we love in person. This has led to many of us experiencing a sense of LACK, LONGING FOR MORE, AND REGRET versus feelings of ABUNDANCE AND SATISFACTION.

Many of us are mixing up society’s focus of “keeping up with the Joneses”, and its irrational definition of success with the natural order of our universe. The universe doesn’t care about our material possessions or our level of success. We need to take a step back. BREATHE. And recognize what is truly important – to live naturally, healthily and in harmony with nature.

Our deep connection with nature has become lost. We rarely stop and pay attention to the remarkable; to the intricate beauty that surrounds us everyday.

Paying attention to the beauty and wonder around us immensely changes our perspective and allows us to recognize why we here and what our true purpose is on Earth. The health of our planet, and the mental and physical health of all beings depend on our connection and symbiotic relationship with Nature.

The only prerequisite to achieving harmony, peace and a sense of well-being is taking the time to take in nature and the bountiful wonder it offers to us.

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Noticing Nature Exercise

Pay attention to nature to boost feelings of connection and a sense of well-being.

Time Required

5-15 minutes per day for two-three weeks. Eventually, incorporate this practice into your daily routine.

How to Do It

  1. Noticing Nature PhotographyBe mindful of the natural elements and objects around you on a daily basis (e.g., trees, clouds, leaves, the moon, moving water, animals, etc.), and notice how these make you feel and what emotions they evoke. Take a moment to allow yourself to truly experience the nature around you.
  2. When you encounter a natural object, element, or scene that evokes a strong emotion in you, that moves you in some way, take a photo of it.
  3. Upload these photos to your computer, and then send your 5 favorite photos along with a brief description of each as to what prompted you to take them, and how these nature scenes made you feel to Be sure to include your name and email address. By submitting you agree to allow these photos to be included in a “RELAX IN ABUDANCE” slideshow made available to all Health, Naturally newsletter subscribers and/or a canvas painting created by Barb (Wings of Air Studios) for sale at Health, Naturally for your purchase! All photos will be credited to you, the photographer. By submitting your photos and descriptions, you agree to use as described.  All net proceeds will be used for the future development of programs at Health, Naturally!
  4. You can take as many photos as you like, but try to take at least 30-40 photos over the course of the two to three week period. Be mindful of how the nature you encounter makes you feel on a daily basis, but space your photos out on different days.
  5. Remember: What is key is your experience with what you are photographing—how nature makes you feel. Don’t worry too much about the quality of the photos or how creative they may be.



Happy Labor Day

Why we Celebrate Labor Day?

What comes to your mind when you think of Labor Day? Picnics, barbecues. time off from work, camping, a trip out of town? Like many other holidays, Americans enjoy the day off from work but have lost sight of what it was originally created to celebrate.

Labor Day was created and intended to be an annual national tribute honoring the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of the country.

How we Celebrate Labor Day Today

While many still turn out to hear Labor Day speeches and attend parades, the purpose of the holiday has fallen away and instead is usually viewed as the last hurrah of summer. Still, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In a nation of people who work more hours and take less vacation than other western nations, having one last summer party is greatly needed.

Today, Labor Day may not be a day in which people actively celebrate and honor workers, but it does give working people a much-needed respite, which is equally important.

What’s important is that, as an American worker, it’s important to take time off and have a healthy work-life balance.


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SOQI Bed & Chi – A Total Health Spa

SOQI Bed & Chi

SOQI Bed & Chi

SOQI bed

SOQI bed

The SOQI Bed and Chi machine incorporates HTE’s unique Multiple Energy Approach inspired by the concept of energy healing and a “back to nature” approach as your gateway to improved health.

Features & Benefits

  • Ultimate total health spa experience built into a specially designed massage table.
  • Effective way to achieve wellness and get your daily exercise at home.
  • Relaxing music via USB connection to put the body in the right state of mind.
  • Safe, simple and a natural way to achieve good health.

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Brain TapBrain Tap

Dr. Porter and his team of scientists and mindfulness experts are leading the way in brainwave entrainment technology. In the process, they’ve made BrainTap Technologies a global leader in the personal improvement field. With a library of more than 400 guided-audio programs (all voiced by Dr. Porter) and creative visualization processes, the BrainTap allows users to relax, reboot, and revitalize while achieving peak brain performance.

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Staff Retreat 2021

Recently staff members attended a retreat in Tawas to celebrate Jan’s 20th year providing natural health services and plan for Health, Naturally! potential expansion of services.

It is a rare occasion for all of the staff members to get together and a wonderful time was had by all. Here are a few photos of the get-together:

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