Bev Cook, Shamanic Energy Medicine

Beverly Cook RN, MSN, Certified Master Practitioner Neurolinguistics and Shamanic Energy Medicine
Bev has had an immersive relationship with nature for as long as she can remember. That relationship with Pachamama (Mother Earth) has been a perfect foundation and segue way into an ancient healing modality that honors nature. Our relationship with nature is pivotal to health and well-being on a personal and a planetary level. When our relationship with Mother Earth is compromised, we are compromised.

Beverly has over 25 years of clinical nursing experience and has also taught nursing. She began incorporating Neurolinguistics Programming into her nursing practice to assist oncology patients to step out of faulty belief systems and into resourced states that were aligned with health. She continues to integrate this work into her energy medicine practice today. She was a student of Alberto Villoldo, PhD and Linda Fitch for several years. In 2004 she became a graduate of Healing the Light Body with the Four Winds Society and has completed many advanced trainings in energy medicine. She has deepened and distilled her knowledge by traveling to Peru; the source of the medicine teachings and the home of the healing lineage she is a part of. She has been initiated by and worked ceremonially with the Q’ero Elders throughout sacred sites of the Andes. She has also worked with the curanderos of northern Peru and the Amazon jungle.

Currently, she offers shamanic classes, private sessions, and ceremonies in the Saginaw Bay area. Her private energy healing practice engages clients on a core energetic level and fosters re-connection to the client’s essence allowing healing to occur on spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical levels. She is available for in-person sessions at the Bay City or Standish office and works remotely with clients if they are too far or infirm to travel.

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Welcome Rebecca Spannagel

Rebecca Spannagel, LMT, RNRebecca Spannagel, LMT (Massage Therapist), RN, and Natural Health Advocate

Rebecca decided halfway through her first year in the certified naturopath program at the Naturopathic Institute to take a different direction into therapeutic bodywork. She graduated from the Naturopathic Institutes Therapeutic Bodywork Practitioner program in November 2019, receiving her Licensure for Massage Therapy in December 2019. If you ask her “Are you glad you made that decision?” You would get a double thumbs-up, a big smile, and a “Most Definitely!!! Learning how to perform therapeutic touch is something I was gifted with the ability to do and has been life-changing.”

Rebecca is passionate about natural/alternative wholistic wellness and facilitating her clients’ own healing abilities. She will be the first to tell you that she doesn’t believe in protocols, and not any of her sessions are the same. When asked why? She says: “Every being on this earth is special and unique, and deserves a session focused and tailored to that uniqueness. Whether you come to de-stress and relax, or for a specific health concern, that session is tailored specifically for you and your needs.”

Rebecca offers various types of massage sessions that employ multiple therapeutic modalities (with/without essential oils) along with Reflexology, Cranio-Sacral, and Light Healing Touch.

If you would like to set-up a session with Rebecca please call, or text her, at 989-482-3866. She is currently seeing clients at both the Bay City and Standish Health, Naturally locations. Her hours of availability are varied, so her sessions are by appointment only.

Why the Best Medicine Might Be Your Right and Left Feet

Put your left foot in front of you right, and then your right foot in front of your left, and then repeat.

That’s called walking. And it could be the best thing for your overall health.The historian Geroge Mcaulay Trevelyan wrote in 1913 that his two doctors were “My left leg and my right.”The truth in that statement is coming to light every day with new studies and reports. The Guardian published an article titled, “Walking could protect your brain against shrinking,” based on research published by U.S. neurologists who monitored 300 volunteers over 13 years. The report says walking may ward off a variety of conditions.