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2014 Classes at Bay City location of Health, Naturally!  Most classes are on Wednesdays at 6:30 PM.

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Date Class Title Instructor Price
January 8 Juicing For Your Health Tina $10
January 29 Nutrition Dennis Free
February 5 Detoxification Tina $10
February 26 Herbs Dennis Free
March 12 Cooking with Essential Oils (includes meal) Jan $20
March 26  Iridology (iridology photos available for a fee) Dennis Free
April 9 Every day Essential Oils Jan Free
April 23 Massage & its Benefits Dennis Free
May 14 Advanced Juicing Tina $10
May 28 Essential Oils & Bach Florals Dennis Free
June 25 Mining Your Own Minerals Dennis Free
August 6  Cell Salts & Your Health Dennis Free
August 27 Reflexology (feet) Dennis Free

Also available - Reiki One, Two and Three taught each year on Thursday evenings or weekends

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** Look for a Women's Weekend of Relaxation in late winter**

There are 24 classes offered through Health Naturally! for a nominal fee.
You may contact us by mail, phone or via the contact form for additional information. >>

Some examples of class offerings:

Kinesiology - This method of natural health was created by a chiropractor and used to find areas of nutritional weakness. Each participant will receive the opportunity to test and be tested as we try this approach ot natural health.

Bach Floral Remedies - Dr. Bach believed that flowers are for healing of the body emotionally. Come andlearn how these colorless and tasteless remedies can assist in balancing your body.

Form of Cleansing - This class will cover the benefits of cleansing and fasts and how often to do them. We clean our house every spring - why not our bodies? We will have the opportunity to "taste" a few.

Homeopathics and Cell Salts - These two types of remedies can be given to strengthen the body and its immunity naturally. Come learn how your birthday affects this.

Healing Oils of the Bible - Come learn and experience the 12 Ancient Oils of the Bible. Dr. David Stewart has tracked the use of oils throughout the Bible and their purposes.

Cooking with Essential Oils - Join Jan as she teaches the secrets of cooking with essential oils and maintaining their therapeutic properties. We'll also get to do some taste testing so bring your appetities!

Are You Tired of Being Tired? - Does fatigue come with aging? Not necessarily! We will discuss the "Thirty Ways We Poison Ourselves Before Breakfast".

Ear Candling - This is a painless method of removing ear debris and wax. We will demonstrate on someone in class.

Hand Reflexology & Vita Flex -We will present how the energy pathways of your body are connected in the hands.  With this information we can turn a simple hand massage into a therapeutic experience.  Vita flex is a special stroke used to  energize the nerve endings.

Aromatherapy 101- This class will include the basics of essential oils and how to select therapeutic oils.  We'll discuss various methods to use the oils from cleaning your house to losing weight!

Iridology - We will be studying the iris fibers of the eye to determine tissue weakness and the body's predisposition to weakness.  We will include a set of your own iridology photos.

Herbology - Herbs are healing foods for our body and excellent supplements for strengthening organs and body systems.  Come and learn how they can be therapeutic.

Raindrop Technique - We will discuss and demonstrate this wonderful technique of dripping essential oils on the spine to assist the body in increasing immunity, correcting back problems and assisting with care for degenerative diseases.

Eating To Heal - We'll be learning how to balance our own pH, eat healthier and establish proper digestion.  This class will also expose you to herbs as healing foods.

Making Healthy Gifts with Aromatherapy

Note:    Classes are available upon request with 6 students in attendance

Wellness Classes are presented in Standish the second Thursday of every month - 2:30 p.m. The public are welcome and encouraged to attend. Various members take turns presenting some form of natural health each month.

Our location is the Standish Free Methodist Church Parish Hall, just north of Standish. This group was founded by Jan over ten years ago and has always been a free service to the community.

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Classes are held in
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Jan Doerr
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Standish Free
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